Planet RIX-13

Reading Time: 4 minutes Title: Planet RIX-13Developer: 9 Eyes Game StudioPublisher: 9 Eyes Game StudioWebsite: 2D Adventure Platform:  Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch & PCAudience: EveryoneRelease Date: 16/01/19Price:  £3.99 – Rapid Reviews UK was very kindly provided with a review […]

Jack N Jill DX – PS Vita

Reading Time: 3 minutes Title:  Jack N’ Jill DXDeveloper:  Rohan Narang.  The console versions were ported by Ratalaika Games.Publisher:  Ratalaika GamesWebsite:  Classic platformer, Adventure, Arcade, CasualPlatform:  PS VitaAudience:  AllRelease Date:  26/09/2018Price:  £3.99 – I was very kindly provided with […]

Unsung Warriors – Prologue

Reading Time: 3 minutes Rapid Preview Title:  Unsung Warriors – PrologueDeveloper/Publisher:  Osarion and Mountaineer.Website:  http://www.unsungwarriors.nlGenre:  2D action-adventure Platform:  PC, Mac, Linux.Audience:  AllPrice:  The demo version is free for download. What the developers say: Unsung Warriors is a 2d action-adventure game, currently in development.  […]

Beekyr Reloaded

Reading Time: 3 minutes Title: Beekyr Reloaded Publisher: KaleidoGames Website: Genre: 2D, Arcade, Shoot’em up, Shmup Platform: Steam Audience: Fans of classic arcade games and Shoot’em ups Price: £7.19. I was kindly given a review code for this […]