Special Effect

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I have decided to have a permanent page on my site for the charity, SpecialEffect.  It really is a special charity and the work that they do for people with physical difficulties is admirable.

Read below to find out more.

Nobody likes being left out. That’s why UK-based charity SpecialEffect put fun and inclusion back into the lives of people with physical disabilities by helping them to play video games. By using technology ranging from modified joypads to eye-control, they’re finding a way for people to play to the very best of their abilities.

They know there’s no one-size-fits-all way of doing this, so they visit people personally to find out exactly what they want to play and what they need to play. They then match or modify technology to create truly personalised gaming control setups, and back this up with lifelong follow-up support.

Founded in 2007, the charity is helping hundreds of people on an individual basis across the UK every year. They also answer thousands of enquiries from around the world and have an increasing global influence through collaboration with hardware and software developers.

They don’t charge for anything they do. They simply aim to do whatever it takes to raise the quality of life for everyone they work with. SpecialEffect is changing a small part of the world to make it a more fair and fun place, for everyone.

“I can’t do much by myself, but I now can play video games! It gives me a great sense of independence and achievement.” – Becky

Find out more at http://www.specialeffect.org.uk