Steel Rats

Reading Time: 5 minutes Title:  Steel RatsDeveloper:  Tate MultimediaPublisher:  Tate MultimediaWebsite: Racing, Action, ArcadePlatform:  PS4Audience:  12 – Violence and LanguageRelease Date:  07/11/2018Price:  £18.99 – Rapid Reviews UK was very kindly provided with a review code for this title What the Developers say […]

Jack N Jill DX – PS Vita

Reading Time: 3 minutes Title:  Jack N’ Jill DXDeveloper:  Rohan Narang.  The console versions were ported by Ratalaika Games.Publisher:  Ratalaika GamesWebsite:  Classic platformer, Adventure, Arcade, CasualPlatform:  PS VitaAudience:  AllRelease Date:  26/09/2018Price:  £3.99 – I was very kindly provided with […]