OTTTD Review

Reading Time: 4 minutes OTTTD is an acronym for Over The Top Tower Defence, and over the top it is. For those of you who don’t know what a tower defence game is, essentially you defend a home base by placing and upgrading static towers at set points along a road which enemies will come down in waves. Placing the right towers in the right places is essential, for example, a tower that slows enemies before several big damage dealers to make sure you get the maximum effect.

Bad North Review

Reading Time: 7 minutes Not to be confused with a phrase Kanye West might use when addressing his eldest daughter, Bad North is a real-time tactical roguelite game designed and developed by Plausible Concept. Now, whilst Kanye references may be less and less appropriate as I divulge my experiences with this title, there are some excellent links that can be made in the opening.

Inventioneers Review

Reading Time: 5 minutes Puzzle games have always been a weakness of mine; wracking your brain and spending ages working out the solution only makes the moment when you finally solve the problem that much more satisfying. You then move onto the next level eager for another challenge, and the cycle continues.

Black Paradox Review

Reading Time: 5 minutes It’s the 1980s, and Black Paradox has just flipped a switch in their trusty Delorean. The doors lift to the sky becoming wings, the tires rotate becoming thrusters and a rocket engine emerges from the back. Taking off into space blasting synth-wave on the eight-track, ready to take down some intergalactic bounties. Is Black Paradox a bullet hell from whence you can’t escape, or is it one you gladly return to, begging for just one more run? Read on in this Rapid Review to find out.

Bard’s Gold Review

Reading Time: 5 minutes Ever since the Switch was released back in 2017, all manner of genres has come to find the perfect home on the hybrid-console ranging from modern-day AAA games to old-school arcade titles. Bard’s Gold is one of these modern arcade titles that finds itself to be rewarding, and yet frustrating at the same time.