Control Review

Reading Time: 5 minutes After releasing ‘Quantum Break’ exclusively on Microsoft platforms, developer Remedy is back with their third-person action-adventure title, Control. In the game, you play as Jesse Faden, whose search for her missing brother has led to a place known as the Federal Bureau of Control (FBC).

KILL la KILL – IF Review

Reading Time: 6 minutes KILL la KILL – IF is based on the 2014 anime KILL la KILL by Studio Trigger, which received plenty of critical praise. For those unfamiliar with the series, it blends a combination of magical girl glamour and transformation (Sailor Moon) with the over the top battle and constant stakes upping of a shonen anime (Naruto or Dragon Ball). But unlike many anime that are turned into fighting games, KILL la KILL is comprised of a mere 24 episodes, which are expanded upon in KILL la KILL – IF.